Marco Bambini

Hi, I'm Marco and I am the founder and CEO of SQLite Cloud. I am a dev builder, I like to build cross-platform dev tools, SQLite solutions and open-source programming languages.

I blog about SQLite.
I was a wild runner, now a tennis player.

In 2017, I purchased a 17th-century church. I am currently dedicating some time and resources to carefully renovating this historical gem and restoring it to its former glory.

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SQLite Cloud

SQLite Cloud is a distributed relational database system built on top of the SQLite database engine. It has been specifically designed from the ground up to ensure the strong consistency of your data across all nodes in a cluster.


I founded Creolabs intending to simplify mobile application development. Creo has been acquired, and it is no longer available. You can learn more about its power by reading articles from the blog. The problem I was trying to solve with Creo is still unsolved today.