So you have had the next big idea that could change the world?
What is the very first thing you should do?

Raising money?
Check if it could be a viable business?
Check if there is a market for it?
Find a stellar team?

Well yes, they are all very useful questions to ask and they are all the de facto mantra for all VCs out there, but ultimately, ask yourself just a very simple stupid question: Why.

Why you want to change the world?
For the money?
For the fame?

While writing this post I remembered a famous song that continuosly repeats that some people live for the fortune, some people live for the fame, some people live for the power and some people live just to play the game.

So what do you live for?

As an Italian startupper I find myself asking the same fundamental questions almost daily. Probably Italy is not the best place where to fund a high tech startup like Creo, but I really would like to avoid using the “where I live” excuse. I am not the place where I was born, I am just what I am able to dream.

So WHY I am facing a so difficult challenge like the Creo project? Well, probably just because it is my nature.

The nature of every true innovator (no arrogance or big ego here believe me) is to raise the bar each time, again and again in an infinite never ending loop. Once you realize it, this is both scary and exciting. With Creo the bar is so high that we started facing challanges since day one. Firstly, we were in trouble due to the enormous technical challenges, then we has some troubles within our team and finally we dealt lack of additional funds. So how can you find so much energy to constantly face all these issues?

Each failure and each success has its own story but I think that every success has a common denominator: perseverance. And so much perseverance can be obtained just with one fuel: vision.
We have a strong vision, we really want to find out a better, faster, easier and more productive way to develop software. We want to offer the ability to explore new ideas and new concepts without investing huge amount of time and energy writing thousands lines of repetitive code.

Our vision is our fuel, no matter what, no matter where we are born, no matter how many challenges we have to face. So, should we worry about what this high bar project could represent for our lives? Yes we definitely should… but not too much, because we are lucky enough to spend our time working on something we truly love and that could have a big impact.

“For an idea that does not first seem insane, there is no hope.”