I haven’t blogged in a while, mostly because I was extremely busy with Creo. I know that Creo is a huge project but I never tried to collect some real statistics about it… so how big is Creo?

To help me better understand the complexity of the project I downloaded cloc from https://github.com/AlDanial/cloc

Creo is divided in three main parts:
Gravity which is our programming language with a Swift and Javascript like syntax,
CreoKIT which is our 100% source code compatible UIKit layer that enables us to execute iOS code on Mac and there is the Creo app itself.

Here you go some detailed statistics:

Stripping non related source code files, total amount of lines are about 475k (related to build 4618 of February 05, 2016).

How do we manage such amount of code?
When we started Creo we choose to use Subversion as our revision control system (perhaps someday we’ll migrate to git and GitHub) and I have to admit that we are quite happy with svn. In particular, we are extremely satisfied with the excellent Cornerstone svn client on Mac and with Beanstalk hosting.